Voting: November 2010 Archives


November 4, 2010

2010 General:
  • How do I know how to vote without a Granick Slate Card
  • For some reason, Santa Clara County keeps moving my polling place around and I somehow lost my voter pamphlet telling me where to go, so I cruised over to the polling place on Middlefield to look at their map. It wasn't my polling place, but I still could have gotten vaccinated:

  • Provisional ballot handling seemed a little clunky at this polling place. The way you vote a central count optical scan provisional ballot in Santa Clara is to fill out the ballot and then stuff it in an envelope with your information. You seal the envelope and then if election central determines that you're entitled to vote, they open the envelope and scan the ballot. (Santa Clara doesn't know use a double envelope system). But you are supposed to seal the envelope, not let the poll workers do it, since otherwise they see how you're going to vote. Anyway, when I saw a provisional voter vote, they tried to pass the whole mess to the pollworker, who looked about to put it all in the envelope but eventually let the voter do it.
  • Santa Clara does have Sequoia DREs, but after the TTBR California restricted these to one per polling place, and so there was one lonely Sequoia AVC Edge, but the poll workers by default give you a paper ballot. When I showed up around 11 AM the poll workers told me that nobody had used it yet. It's kind of a pain to shut the machine down, so the poll workers generally prefer to have everyone vote opscan.