Sports: January 2009 Archives


January 24, 2009

  • 2:43???? Woah this is really a long movie.
  • Say what you want about Oliver Stone's politics—or whatever it is—the man can definitely shoot a movie.
  • Al Pacino is overacting at about 1.2 Shatners.
  • Nobody does asshole like James Woods.
  • Being tackled looks extremely unpleasant.
  • Football seems to involve a lot of shouting.
  • Wait, after losing four games in a row I need to listen to some clown give a post-game sermon?
  • OK, so there's a lot of guys pushing and shoving each other, but what's the score?
  • I'm trying to figure out if there's any character in this movie I don't hate. Dennis Quaid maybe... There's still another 100+ minutes left, though, so I'll probably hate him soon enough.

January 4, 2009

Was running at Rancho this afternoon (Lower Meadow, Wildcat, Upper wildcat, Upper High Meady, Rogue Valley; Rancho Runner code: 2DYcEF3UTS6RKLNM3FEcYD2) and right as I was coming up from Wildcat to Upper High Meadow what do I see but a coyote. Unfortunately, I neglected to read the instructional placard about what to do if you see one, but I remembered something about making yourself look big. Anyway, he (actually, I don't know it was a he—I didn't get close enough to check out its crotch) was on the trail in my way so we sort of edged past each other, me on one side of the trail and him on the other until we'd sort of swapped positions. At this point I started slowly backing away and he started to follow me a bit, but I gradually made some distance. Once I thought I was far enough away, I started running but at that point he started running after me. I don't expect to be able to outrun a coyote, so I turned around, raised my hands (trying to look big, remember) and yelled "aaargh" at him. He looked pretty startled and started to walk away, which seemed sort of promising. I backed away and finally after I turned the corner I looked back and he didn't seem to be following so I took off. Sorry, I don't have any pictures. This may be the one run where I regretted not having a camera; that and maybe an AK.

January 2, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, I've been thinking of swapping out my ASICS 2130s for one of the Inov-8 trail shoes. After an abortive attempt at ordering the Roclite 305s from Zappos (wrong size), I decided it was best to buy them from a store where I could try them on, in this case Zombie Runner Palo Alto. After trying on a bunch of different shoe I ended up in the Roclite 295.1

So far, I've done one run in them at Rancho San Antonio (Rogue Valley Trail out to the hairpin turnaround up to the High Meadow Trail: 5.3 miles). They're extremely comfortable, with a nice, close fit, especially when you're wearing Injinji Tetrasoks which tend to make your feet fill out the toe box a little more. The heel counter is substantially lower than your average running shoe, so initially you feel like you're coming out of the shoe, but the lacing system keeps your heel locked in with minimal slippage, and you get used to the feel quickly.

The ride is interesting—the shoe is low with a flat sole/heel and minimal bounce so you end up a little more forward on your toes and don't roll off the heel as much as with a conventional running shoe like my ASICS. There's also very little support, which is odd after all the shoes I've worn which try to correct my flat feet; there's no need to break down the arch before the shoe is comfortable. Hard to know how it will hold up a couple hundred miles in, though. Traction in mud is outstanding, my partner was in the 2007 ASICS DS Trainer, and was sliding all over the place, but I felt like I was running on dry asphalt, just much softer. More on these later once I've had a chance to wear them for a longer run.

P.S. Netflix now has Endurance, which I've previously claimed is the greatest running movie ever available for instant play (though not DVD). It's the story of the Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebrselassie, who dominated the 10K in the 1990s and currently holds the WR in the marathon, having brought it down a full minute to sub 2:04 since 2003. A little hard to get if you're not a runner, but well worth watching if you are.

1.Note for those who aren't familiar with Inov-8, the name refers to the tread pattern and the number refers to the weight in grams. This is a semi-lightweight trail runner.