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April 12, 2011

I've done a whole pile of flights since my last update on airport whole body imagers. I've flown out of SFO a bunch of times and SJC once. Pretty much every time they've had whole body imagers of one type or another but each time they're only in some fraction of the lines (with the rest of the queues just having magnetometer), so you can pick a line that has the magnetometer. At some checkpoints they do have someone directing you to a specific line, but so far nobody has actually managed to direct me to the imager.

In other news, SJC's new Terminal B is really nice. Aside from just being generally modern, they now have power at something like half the seats (though they don't look that comfortable). (See here). Plus there's a Jamba Juice. Seems like a small thing but considering that your best breakfast option at SFO is an overpriced Peet's small things can matter.