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January 5, 2010

Check out this picture of the arrival escalator at SFO:

I'm not sure exactly what all these gizmos are, but they seem to be some sort of cameras. and one flashed at me as I was coming down the escalator to baggage claim. Note that even though I was coming in from Canada, these are positioned in domestic arrivals, so it's not just a matter of recording people entering the country. On the other hand, I didn't see any cameras on other levels, but maybe I just missed them.

P.S. Have you noticed how the new security measures that seem to be inevitably introduced after attacks, while perhaps not particularly effective, seem to line up pretty well with what the airlines wanted anyway? The rationale for the post-9/11 physical identification requirements is to support the no-fly list, but it also makes tickets non-transferable, which is good for airline revenues. Similarly, the airlines would prefer that people stayed in their seats (this makes beverage service, etc. easier) and brought less carryon, and tada, TSA delivers. OK, that's overstating things a bit; I don't really think TSA is deliberately designing security procedures to accomodate the airlines, but their policies, which are generally restrict passenger choices, have acted in a way that shifts the balance of power between the airlines and their customers in a way that the customers probably wouldn't have accepted if those policies weren't presented as security measures.