Outstanding!: August 2009 Archives


August 2, 2009

Mrs. Guesswork is flying in from Stockholm today, scheduled to arrive tonight around 10. You can't trust the schedules on transcon flights, so I check things out on the Delta site, which tells me it's an hour late, currently over Colorado and due in at 11:09. No problem, I'll watch Anthony Bourdain for a while and then head over. Around 9:15 I check again and (gulp!) it's now on time. Planes don't fly that fast, but it's not at all out of the question that Delta just screwed up here, so I'll just head over.

Right before I leave for SFO, I check again. The flights still on time, but then I notice something screwy: the flight is dated August 3rd, not August 2nd. I go back to the main page where you enter the flight #, and here's what it offers me:

  • Yesterday Aug 02
  • Today Aug 03
  • Tomorrow Aug 04

At this point it should be obvious what happened: Delta is based in Georgia, and in Georgia it's tomorrow, so naturally the site decided that's what I was interested in, despite the fact that that flight takes off something like 19 hours and today's flight is actually in the freaking air. Outstanding!