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March 19, 2009

Can someone explain to me why when when I go to download Firefox, Xcode, or a bunch of other software for that matter, it happens over HTTP and not HTTPS? Remember, I'm about to install and run this software on my computer: if an attacker has managed to hijack my connection, they can get me to run anything they want. But nooo.... Even if you connect to the site with HTTPS, it redirects you to HTTP to download your file. There are obvious reasons to favor HTTP over HTTPS, namely performance and allowing mirrors. On the other hand, that makes the need for publication of the digest even more critical, since it sucks to have to trust the mirror.

If you're going to use mirrors, the right thing to do here is to public a digest of the file on an HTTPS-accessible page (remember: these sites already will let you access them over HTTPS, so this doesn't make the situation worse). This would let users download the file from a mirror and then check the digest against the master site. I don't see digests on either site, though. It could just be that I'm missing it, but then surely lots of others are as well.