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November 28, 2009

So I heard on the radio today that some Americans were killed in a plane crash. In China... On a Zimbabwean cargo airline... On its way to Kyrgyzstan.

Unfortunately, the spoilsports at CNN now report that the plane was on its way to Harare, which is rather less interesting.

Some non-blog materials I never bothered to point to:

One of my better party invitations

My standard introduction to communications security entitled SSH, SSL, and IPsec: wtf?


November 25, 2009

I like using history podcasts as background for commuting, hiking, etc. My favorites come from Isabelle Pafford a lecturer in Classics at Santa Clara University (previously at Berkeley and SFU). Pafford has a light, entertaining style, full of jokes and pop culture references.

Classics 11A: Heroes and Heroism
Classics 178: Greek Art and Architecture

Older:History 110: Roman Republic
Hitory 106B: The Roman Empire
History 4A: The Ancient Mediterranean World

Worth checking out.