IETF: March 2007 Archives


March 6, 2007

I'm one of those people who prints out every draft that they need to read for each IETF. This usually takes me an afternoon of going through each agenda manually getting a copy of each draft, printing and stapling. To make matters worse, there's a fine timing issue because the agendas change up until the very last minute. So, if you want a head start you print early but then you need to go back later to get a complete list. This often ends up with missing drafts or printing out duplicate copies. This time I got tired of it and wrote myself a little tool to do the job for me.

The job is mostly simple:

  • Suck down the agenda for each WG.
  • Scrape through the agenda looking for anything that might be a draft name (i.e., matches draft-[a-z0-9\.-]+-\d\d).
  • Fetch each draft from the ID repository (assuming you don't have it)
  • Print out the drafts that were successfully retrieved.
  • Remember which drafts were printed so you don't print them again.

I did add one bonus feature: I print out a burst/header page for each WG containing the WG name and a checklist of the drafts. This makes for easier sorting (not all drafts have the WG name in the name) and gives you a convenient list of the drafts. Now if I just had some tool to staple them together..