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September 2, 2010

As everyone knows, cats hate productivity and when I work from home my cat likes to curl up somewhere next to my keyboard half obscuring the mousepad. This of course means that you can't really use your mouse. After repeatedly kicking her off my desk, I finally realized who was in charge and decided to go for a technical fix: the Apple Magic Trackpad. I generally like trackpads and it's tall enough that the cat doesn't want to sit on top of it. She just curls up right in front of it.

Everything was going fine until one day it started totally flipping out. The magic trackpads are multitouch with no separate button; to get a double click I use two fingers to control the mouse and click the trackpad with my thumb. Suddenly, though, I started getting double clicks all the time. I was all ready to reboot or call support and then I realize the problem: one finger and one paw counts as two fingers. A small adjustment later and everything was back to normal.