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February 4, 2008

As you may have heard, the first MacBook Airs become available today. Gigantic Apple Fanboy Terence Spies has been waiting for weeks to buy one, so naturally when we heard they might be available we hoofed it over to Apple Store Palo Alto.1 They didn't have any SSD Airs in stock, but plenty of hard drive ones, and since the imperative here was to get something, anything, and there is a $999 price premium for the SSD, Terence went for the hard drive.

Anyway, I got to spend about 2 minutes with the gadget before Terence whisked it away to his next meeting. Based on that experience, I'm totally unqualified to say anything useful about it other than it's incredibly thin and light, and the screen looks pretty good too. On the other hand, unlike the iBook I'm typing it on, it's got this creepy third eye thing going on in the top center of the LCD bezel. If I buy one of these suckers, I'm definitely going to need to invest in some electrical tape.

1. Actually, I called first, but just got some sort of IVR and then no answer. This is actually a bit surprising, since you'd expect that their IVR would automatically recognize from caller-id that I was an iPhone early adopter and automatically transfer me to the the "Apple Sucker MacBook Air availability hotline."