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June 26, 2010

I'm always on the lookout for good pizza, so when Joe Hall was in town for dinner I rode over to Berkeley to hook up with him and go to this pizza place he'd been raving about, Emilia's Pizzeria. Emilia's is best characterized as minimalist New York Style. It's a tiny shop worked by a single dude (I assume his name is Emilia but I didn't verify). They only serve one size of pizza (18") [NO SLICES!!!] and only have about 5 toppings. He keeps making pizza till closing or he runs out of dough (check his Twitter feed for status updates). If you're serious, you need to call ahead to make sure pizza will be available. Also, there are only two tables, so you may have to wait or eat outside or something.

We ordered a pizza with red onions and peppers. The crust was light, crispy, and a bit flaky. The cheese and sauce were flavorful, and while I was a little suspicious of the concept of roasted red peppers, they turned out to be excellent. Overall, I would rate it around an 8/10. My preference is for Chicago Style Pizza (though IMO Zachary's is overrated), but I would definitely recommend Emilia's if you're looking for New York Style pizza in Berkeley.