What is this all this crap in my wallet?

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On my way to Red Rock today to do some work, I looked in my wallet to see if I had enough money to afford my hot chocolate (paying for a $3.50 drink with a credit card is a pretty lame move). Here's what I found:

After some sorting, it comes out as follows...

Currency Count Value (nominal) Value (USD)
USD 3 3 3
CAD 7 100 98.55
CZK 2 2100 106.40
GBP 1 10 15.55
EUR 1 20 25.79
INR 1 100 1.99
RUB 9 1570 49.97
Total 24 - 301.25

In other words, out of 24 total pieces of paper valued at over $300, I had three spendable pieces of paper valued at $3. Oh, and a couple of United beverage vouchers which expire in 9 days. I ended up going to the ATM.


Why is paying $3.50 with a card lame? I do not carry any cash at all, last time I had a wallet was in 2003 or so (it got stolen and I never bought a new one), thus I pay everything with a card, even if it is less than an euro. It is considered pretty normal over here. Why not in the US?

Many US merchants pay a per-transaction fee (on the order of a $0.25) for each credit card transaction. This has an impact on the profit margin for small purchases.

and it sounds like a debit card wasn't an option? I wish people gave receipts for small cash transactions as I really like having the metadata (although TurboScan on the iphone works very well for scanning receipts).

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