Whole Body Imagers--still evadable

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On most of my recent flights I've noticed that the TSA isn't even using whole body imagers—they just have them roped off and send people through standard magnetometers. However, this weekend I flew back from Kauai through Lihue Airport (LIH) and they actually had their Rapiscan imagers active. However, as before they have a magnetometer line and a whole body scanner line and I was able to just select the magnetomer line. I was a little worried that because that was the longer line I would get redirected to the Rapiscan, but that never happened.

Of course after that, I had to get my back secondary checked because I had left a 6+ oz bottle of sunscreen in my bag. But it still didn't include any groping.


At SAN, in at least one terminal, the same line feeds both the nudoscope and the magnetometer; however, since the nudoscope takes 3 times as long as the magnetometer, it wasn't too hard to just time it right to avoid it.

My last few flights, they've been alternating: send 100% through magnetometers, then 100% through pornoscanners alternately. While they're in the pornoscanner phase, progress through security obviously comes to a grinding halt since it takes WAY longer to pornoscan someone than magnetometer them. I think the reason they're doing it though is to make it harder to avoid the pornoscanner by just picking the magnetometer line instead.

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