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I recently installed a brand-new Windows 7 machine (no fear, readers, it was in a VM for extra safety...) and captured the following screen shots. On the left is the screen you see when Chrome starts up, asking you which search engine you want to use. On the right is IE's search engine selection screen:

This contrast is sort of revealing. First, Chrome offers you choices up front. By contrast, IE just assumes you want to use Bing; to access this menu you need to pull down a dialog next to the search box, which isn't exactly obvious. Second, Chrome features Google's main competitors: Yahoo and Bing (anyone know if it offers Baidu in China?), whereas Bing seems to think you're more likely to want New York Times visual search than Google. If you look at the scroll bar, you'll see that I had to scroll down to even reveal Google. Outstanding!


Ah - I don't get your point. How does Chrome offering all of three choices make it more confident?

Microsoft is the one offering more choices. And just doing it in their own annoying way. In this case I have to give Microsoft kudo's for understanding how their customers use the web better than google does.

And your dig against Windows 7 shows an incredible bias and is completely unnecessary to attempt to prove whatever point you were attempting to make.

May I suggest growing up?

Chrome shows the top three search engines by market share in each locale. I haven't tried, but I assume that includes Baidu in China.

Yoshi, I can't tell if you're serious, but on the off chance it's really not clear to you...

Chrome--which, as you may know is developed by Google--offers users the search engines they are most likely to want, including Google's closest competitors. IE, by contrast, defaults to Bing, forces you to ask if you want to use another search engine, and then buries Google, their primary competitor, beneath a pile of other choices you're a lot less likely to want. So, yes, I think Chrome shows that Google has a lot more confidence that people will freely choose them than MS does.

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