Private Plane

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Below is a picture of my flight this morning from Tallinn Ulemiste to Helsinki. The sum total of people on the ATR 72, which seats 78:
  • The flight crew.
  • A deadheading flight crew member on their way back to Helsinki.
  • Two flight attendants.
  • Me.

Mitigating my guilt over the environmental profligacy of my transport is that they need to get the aircraft back to HEL anyway, so apparently they would have flown it even if nobody had shown up.


Seems almost post-apocalyptic.

And they made you sit in the back anyway?

I took my wife and daughter to the Dublin IETF and booked business class tickets for all of us to make the trip more pleasurable (for them). On the way back, we were the only ones in the business/first class section. It was a bit weird.

Did you ask for extra snacks?

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