Bits on a plane

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I'm writing this from DL 133 en route from JFK to SFO and was pleased to see that this month Delta is offering free WiFi (sponsored by Google). As I usually fly United, any kind of on-plane Internet is a nice surprise. Still, I was amused to see the following when I tried to jack in on my iPhone from the gate:

It's a little hard to read but it says that inflight wireless doesn't work below 10,000 feet, presumably because using the Internet will make the plane crash, so they want to have plenty of time for you to be terrified as you plunge to your death. Of course, the whole reason I bothered trying to get WiFi on my iPhone is that my 3G performance was terrible, leaving me with the ironic situation that my Internet service is better at 30,000 ft over Iowa than on the ground in NYC.

P.S. This post was written on Thursday but posted on Sunday. Why? I reinstalled OS/X and it doesn't install iLife by default and I needed iLife to get the photos off my iPhone. That said, the new MacBook Air mini install USB key is pretty sweet.


The default installation of OS X ships with "Image" which allows you to grab images from any camera or scanner OS X supports natively.

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