Curse you, Apple screen unlock dialog

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First, sorry about the light posting. Nothing's wrong, just an unusually bad case of work being busy plus writer's block.

Like all paranoid people, I run my Mac with screen locking. The other night I decided to lock the screen (I can't remember whether I used the hot corners or closed the lid) and then quickly changed my mind. The result was the state shown below:

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but basically it's the password dialog popup but with my desktop behind it rather than the expected black mask of the screen saver.

Obviously, this is a little distressing, so I tried hitting cancel, closing the lid to put the display to sleep, but nothing would restore it to the usual locked (i.e., black screen with just the password dialog condition). The best part, though, is that the screen itself wasn't totally locked—I was able to use the mouse to manipulate the windows hiding behind the model dialog. I wish I had thought to see if the keyboard input was locked into the dialog, but I forgot to check.

Needless to say, I just powered down the machine at this point (paranoid, remember?)


have been dealing with similar (although not as odd) issues for several years; finally isolated the problem to and not Apple's screensaver authentication framework, as I initially thought. details:

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