Reverse haggling at the DMV

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I eventually did buy a new motorcycle (background here), which means a trip to AAA to do the title transfer (sane people avoided the CA DMV, even before the furloughs made them grumpy and short staffed). Two trips, actually, because the seller had lost the title and apparently in its absence you need not only form REG-227 (Application for Duplicate Title), but also REG-262 (the odometer mileage statement). I only had REG-227 so I got to pay for the transfer but had to go back to the seller for REG-262. I finally got it from them and went back last week to finish the transaction.

Anyway, I get there and the AAA clerk types for a while, looks baffled, and then types some more and finally tells me that I have a $153 overpayment. We still don't know what this was for, but she doesn't look happy when she says this, which is my first clue something is wrong. She then proceeded to explain that AAA can only arrange for a refund of up to $99 and if I want all of it I have to go to the DMV. I could immediately see where this was going and you probably can too, but I figured I might as well try, so I asked if maybe I could apply this to next year's DMV fees, or my wife's car or something. Anyway, the answer was no, so I finally gave up and said what I knew I would have to say all along "Can you just cut the refund down to $99." It took me a while to get this point across, but eventually she got it and spent the next 10-20 minutes trying to figure out what combination of fees would get me below the magic $99 threshold. I still have no idea what got tacked on but eventually she says "I can do $98". That sounded good for me (I've now spent almost as much time as I would have at the DMV) so I took my registration sticker and made a break for it. Apparently I get my refund in 4-6 weeks, or whenever they get around to sending it.


Whoa, you made happen in real life!

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