It's official: VFFs are not shoes

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I was at IETF last week and I spent the whole week wearing my Vibram FiveFingers. At a conference like IETF you run into a lot of people in the halls, elevators, etc. and people kept asking me whether they were socks or shoes. This seems like an ontological question I'm not prepared to answer: They have a sole but they're far more flexible than a real shoe, so the walking experience is far more like going barefoot. On the other hand, they're fully enclosed, so when you're just fitting it feels less barefoot than something like Tevas or even Keen sandals. So I would usually just mutter something about just wearing them and leave it at that.

Luckily, I am now in a position to offer a definitive answer: I have now worn my VFFs through airport security twice. On the other hand, Phil Stark reports that he has to remove his Huarache sandals to go through the checkpoint. Therefore, VFFs are socks. Q.E.D.


Not Shoes

I never thought I'd say it, but thanks TSA!


From the rules of the Oxford Union Society:

Rule 51: Dogs
Any Member introducing or causing to be introduced a dog into the Society's premises shall be liable to a fine of five pounds inflicted by the Treasurer. Any animal leading a blind person shall be deemed to be a cat. Any animal entering on Police business shall be deemed to be a wombat.

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