Provider subpoena policies

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Cryptome has posted the lawful intercept compliance policies of a bunch of ISP and telephone providers. I haven't done more than skim these, but so far what's shocking seems to be how un-shocking they are. It's certainly no secret that network providers need to comply with law enforcement requests for lawful intercept, and the purpose of these guides seems to be to streamline the process by documenting what the LEA neads to provide in order to get an intercept. There seems to be some complaining on /. about the fact that these policies contain the the amount providers expect to be reimbursed for various kinds of activities, but given that (1) the providers do in fact have to comply with subpoenas and (2) CALEA provides for reimbursement, it's not like it's unreasonable for them to get reimbursed. At less than $100 per request, it's not like it's going to be a big revenue source for Yahoo.

A little more distressing is that none of the policies I looked at (remember I didn't study them that carefully) seem to explicitly say that they won't provide intercept services except when legally required to (this is not the same as when legally permitted to.) That's something I think I would like my service provider to adopt as a policy, but I can't say I'm surprised that they haven't done so.

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