Wait, so Sigg bottles did contain BPA....

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You may recall that a year ago when people started to have serious concerns about Bisphenol-A, Sigg was supporting research on BPA leaching and generally marketing themselves as a safer alternative to BPA-based polycarbonate bottles such as Nalgene [Note: Nalgene stopped selling polycarbonate bottles.] During this time period, Sigg was fairly evasive about the exact construction of their bottles. As I wrote last August:
Sigg bottles (yes, the ones that look like fuel bottles) are a backpacking standard and have had a resurgence since people went off Nalgene. They're aluminum, not stainless, with a plastic cap. Because of concerns over aluminum leaching into your drink, they're coated with some unspecified (but they swear it's safe!) proprietary enamel-type coating. I like the Sigg a lot better than the Klean Kanteen, but it's not perfect.

It's recently become clear why they were evasive: the coating on the bottles contained BPA. They've replaced the coating with a new co-polyester based "EcoCare" coating. (I'm curious if this is the same material used in the new Nalgene bottles). Sigg's defense is that they never said anything untrue: They claim (and this is supported by a Sigg-sponsored study) that the old bottles contained BPA but didn't leach BPA. I'm not sure how seriously one needs to take this: if you believe Sigg's study, then the bottles really don't leach BPA, but on the other hand, I have one Sigg bottle and the liner seems to the cap, which isn't encouraging in terms of feeling like you're not ingesting anything. Anyway, if you decide you want to replace your bottles Sigg is currently running an exchange program; you ship them your bottles and they somehow replace them. On the other hand, I bought my Sigg at REI, so it's easier for me to return it there.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Eu-Jin Goh for pointing out this story to me.

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