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LaTeX is great at generating math symbols, but it gets hard to remember whatever bizarre character code the LaTeX guys thought was appropriate. Luckily Joe Hall recently pointed me to Detexify a tool that lets you draw the symbol you want and then tries to guess what the character is and then gives you the appropriate codes. It generally gives you a bunch of options and often some of them are pretty comically wrong, but so far it's always given me the right one as well, so that's good.


what? can't a brotha get a link? ::)

I tried it out, but it doesn't work for me: it seems to be totally untrained (unless there is something wrong with my browser: Firefox 3.5 on Linux).

Wow, thanks for that -- I keep showing it to coworkers just to watch what symbol they try first.

and it's esp. cool in terms of showing you symbols you might not have known existed... like \textcopyleft

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