Trail maps come to iPhone

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I've written before about how GPS manufacturers make it extremely difficult to load maps onto their devices. I've been saying for years (though disappointingly I don't seem to have blogged about it; it's that kind of failure to commit that cuts into your reputation for prescience) that eventually someone was going to put a mapping application on a generic programmable GPS-enabled handheld and that would be the beginning of the end for that kind of lock-in.

We're not there yet, but things are starting to change. Tom Harrison Maps, probably the premier manufacturer of backpacking maps for California, has teamed up with Earth Rover Software to put Harrison's maps on the iPhone. Each map is $4.99 and since the iPhone has a GPS and a nice big screen, I expect you're looking at a pretty reasonable competitor for a dedicated GPS. If nothing else, I would expect it to introduce price and feature pressure on the GPS manufacturers.


Have you looked at xGPS on a jail broken iphone?

What's the battery life with something like that? I'd be modestly worried about the iPhone crapping out half-way through a hike. It's not like you can carry a spare battery.

@Dan: Google "iPhone juice pack"

yeah, Dan, we expect more from you here... you can even make your own (although now you're carrying a shitload of AAs).

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