iPhone remote erase--not so grate acshully

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Am I the only one who's not totally thrilled with the Find-My-iPhone feature on the new iPhone? Unless I'm missing something, this lets someone who has access to my MobileMe account (or can guess my password or knows a vulnerability in MobileMe) track me or remotely erase/shutdown my phone. I hope there's some way to turn this feature off.

Acknowledgement: Hovav Shacham pointed out the tracking feature to me.


You could just not buy MobileMe.

Of course, the phone itself must accept the override signals (track, wipe, ping) somehow. That may or may not involve MobileMe.

Remote erase has been around for years for other devices - like blackberry's and windows mobile. Its a critical feature. Phones get lost. Thats a fact of life. And these days more and more information is stored on them. I'm thrilled that they are allowing this feature to the average consumer (granted with a fee).

Btw - phones when on tells someone where you are. Half the applications are location aware and more than a few allow you to communicate your location to friends or others automatically. If you don't want people to know where you are at - don't use a cell phone.

I just upgraded to 3.0 of the iPhone code. The 'Find my iPhone' feature is off by default. I turned it on and logged into my mobileme account. The 'Find my iPhone' functionality in mobileme is under your profile so you have to enter in your password a second time (useful if you leave yourself always logged into mail). The map showed the block that the phone was located (which was my house). You can send a message to the phone which worked instantaneously. You also get a verification message back.

Going to test the remote wipe when I can spare an hour without the phone to see how well it works.

Another useful feature - you can now encrypt your iPhone backups utilizing a separate password.

Hmm... no auto-wipe if its off the network for a specified period of time... still not to the level of the blackberry...

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