Goodbye to Clear

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Clear Registered Traveler is shutting down. Born out of post-9/11 paranoia, as I've mentioned before, Clear never added much security value, and eventually it became not much more than a way to pay $200 to avoid having to wait in line with everyone else (remember: you eventually went through the same security controls). Of course, that didn't necessarily mean that it wasn't worth it, but seeing as anyone who travels enough to really benefit from bypassing the security line probably has elite status and can bypass a lot of lines anyway. In all the times I went through SFO, I don't think I ever saw anyone use the Clear line.


Not one of the couple dozen flights I've taken this year have I spent more than 10 minutes in a TSA security line. There simply was no value to use the 'clear' line. And Airports seem to be getting smarter separating "family" lines from business or frequent flier lines (such as in Orlando). And some airports have tricks to getting through them quicker. The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport has check in at the back end of the airport for travelers not checking in luggage.

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