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The Electronic Voting Technology/Workshop on Trustworthy Elections 2009 (August 10-11 2009) workshop program is up.

There are a bunch of interesting papers (I was on the PC so I've already read quite a few of them) and this year I have three--you can form your own opinion about whether they're interesting:

  • Understanding the Security Properties of Ballot-Based Verification Techniques (draft).
  • Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me: Using Scales to Select Ballots for Auditing (with Cynthia Sturton and David Wagner)
  • On the Security of Election Audits with Low Entropy Randomness (draft).

I'm also coordinating a rump session on Monday night, loosely modelled on the famous CRYPTO rump sessions. Acceptable topics include:

  • Reports on work in progress.
  • Less serious reports (i.e., humor)
  • SHORT Announcements
  • Other stuff the community needs to hear about

Talks will typically be between 3-7 minutes (at the discretion of the chair in order to fit the time constraints). I'll be posting some sort of submission thingamajiggy soonish, but for now if you want to talk you can email me at ekr@rtfm.com. Alternately, just start thinking about what you want to talk about and hold it till something more formal is available.

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