Sriracha not so authentic, not that it matters

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Like any sane consumer of Vietnamese food, I'm fond of Sriracha sauce, that crusty squeeze bottle of red spicy goodness which is a standard item on every table in your average Pho dive. There's only one brand that counts here: Huy Fong's rooster-branded version. This NYT covers the history:
What Mr. Tran developed in Los Angeles in the early 1980s was his own take on a traditional Asian chili sauce. In Sriracha, a town in Chonburi Province, Thailand, where homemade chili pastes are favored, natives do not recognize Mr. Tran's purée as their own.

Multicultural appeal was engineered into the product: the ingredient list on the back of the bottle is written in Vietnamese, Chinese, English, French and Spanish. And serving suggestions include pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers and, for French speakers, pâtés.

"I know it's not a Thai sriracha," Mr. Tran said. "It's my sriracha."

Wikipedia has a more complete backstory. Anyway, I'm not obsessed with authentic—more interested in tasty.


I like Vietnamese food, but I don't like hot sauce in general, and certainly not Sriracha. Should I seek professional help?

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