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After catching The Incredibly Hulk the other night, I wonder if we're starting to exhaust whatever vitality is left in the mainstream comic book movie (I still hope Watchmen will be good). Sure, Liv Tyler looks really good and a lot of stuff gets blown up and, but mostly it's just an incoherent mishmash of overacting, CGI, cameos (Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee, and Rickson Gracie all make appearances) and in-jokes ("you wouldn't like me when I'm hungry"). Is this really the best 150 big ones can do? I hear Iron Man is good, though...

Wired sums up 10 confusing plots in a single page. Spoilers, naturally.

The Downfall remix meme reaches it's probably Zenith with Hitler's discovery that his Tesla will be delayed. Not safe for work.


Haven't seen Hulk and probably won't. I was never into Marvel comics. Watchmen was stunningly faithful to the book, except when it wasn't or when it was entirely reasonable for it not to have been (e.g., they omitted all the pirate stuff, they changed up the ending in a way that makes a lot more sense, etc.).

If you've read the Watchmen book, go see the movie. If you've not read it, you might find the movie to be a bit ponderous or snooty.

Anything's better than the mess that Heroes has evolved into. X-Men was similarly unimpressive to me. I did just see Fight Club. That's not bad as a twisted sort of superhero film.

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