Finally some decent HUDs?

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I've been waiting for years for someone to produce a decent retail level heads-up display. Maybe they'll turn out to be useless at the end of the day, but it seems like there are some cool potential applications. Anyway, the NYT has an article on some new technologies:
"People who work on head-mounted displays are hungering for something that people would be willing to wear for more than an hour," he said, "something that would go in one's eyeglasses and not be too much clunkier than regular eyeglasses."

No price has been set for the SBG eyeglasses, which are still in the prototype stage, said Jonathan Waldern, the company's founder and chief technology officer. SBG is concentrating on military and avionics applications, with consumer uses to follow.


Contact lenses are also being developed for mobile displays. Babak A. Parviz, an associate professor of electrical engineering, with his team at the University of Washington in Seattle, has created a biocompatible contact lens that has miniaturized electronics and optoelectronics integrated into the lens.

It's cool to see some new vendors enter the market, but really I'm more interested to see this kind of technology making it into the NYT. If this represents some real public interest, then we might see some actual consumer-level products.

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