Thank you for using Apple's headphones

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OK, so the new iPod Shuffle looks incredibly sweet, except for the tiny little detail that there are no buttons on the unit. Instead, they're in the headphones, which, as Pogue obserevs, locks you into the Apple headphones which don't sound very good and I, at least, find hideously uncomfortable. The nice new feature, however, is synthesized voice prompts, which (if they work, which is a big if) remedy the major drawback of the old shuffle: you can't tell what's going on because there's no display. Pogue claims that you'll still be able to get the old shuffle, so maybe they'll add the voice feature to that as well at some point. Until then, I think I'll stick with a nano.


I've seen a lot of bitching about this. Its what? A $80 device? Go to a gym or ride the bus - the vast majority of people with iPods use Apple's tinny headphones. That's the reality of the majority of iPod users.

Besides the iPod shuffles are throw away MP3 players anyways. People who care about the sound will go with the Nano or above anyways and get their own headphones (which I've done as well).

(I always thought the lack of a screen was the best thing about the shuffle)

Don't you think all the accessory vendors will jump on this and make Shuffle compatible headphones? It's not like the control mechanism is going to be rocket science.

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