Roving packs of rabid dogs

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This really makes me want to move to Angola:
Because of a shortage of vaccines, doctors were unable to save any of the children taken to the city's main pediatric hospital, the hospital's chief, Dr. Luis Bernardino, told the United Nations' Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. In any case, many of the children were brought in too late to save, he added.

Rabies deaths in Luanda, where more than four million people are jammed into vast slums, may actually be much higher; the count was based on one hospital.

Roaming packs of dogs have been blamed. Even after deaths began last year, the city did little, Dr. Bernardino said, because it has no service to vaccinate dogs. However, recent news reports from Angola have been contradictory. One said thousands of dogs had been rounded up for vaccination, tested and released if they were rabies-free -- but that can be determined only after the dog has died, by taking a brain sample.

That's pretty scary. This week it's packs of rabid dogs, next week it's zombies. There's no vaccine for zombieism, either, but at least you can tell whether they're infected before they're dead.


....but the only way you can tell a zombie is infected is by observing it "taking a brain sample" from someone else!

They should establish incentives for killing strays... when I worked on a ranch, the squirrel population in the Southern Sierra often broke out in the plague. No shit. If we didn't shoot them to control their population, the forest service would come in and poison 3 links in the food chain. I'm not sure how to keep Angolans under such a system from killing random dogs... but that could hopefully be solved by a licensing program or just deputize some people with guns and ammo and then specifically don't evaluate them on the number brought in. (This is probably still a stupid idea.)

There's a lot of good zombie advice here.

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