Roclite 295: Long-term impressions

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I've had my Roclite 295s for a bit over two months now, so I've got enough experience for long-term comments. First, they're still really comfortable. You quickly get used to the low heel and the impact it has on your stride, and they're great in the mud, which we've had a lot of with all the recent rain.

My only real complaint is that the inner part of the heel wears incredibly fast. I've got about 200 miles on the shoe and I've pretty much completely worn through the both layers of the lining and through the foam on the right shoe, which means now I blister on each heel unless I tape up before every run. This happens to all my shoes eventually and even with a shoe with a tough liner like my hiking boots, I tend to blister in the same spot, so I suspect that there's something about my foot shape and my stride that creates a lot of friction at the heel. That said, 200 miles is pretty fast; I don't want to have to buy new shoes every 2 months or so. I went by Zombie Runnner to buy a new pair and asked if there was anything I could do and they suggested Engo patches, which are designed to go on the inside of the shoe and reduce friction. I slapped some on today and while it looks like I need to do some trimming to the right size, so far so good:

Good thing, too, since my new pair is on back-order. Hopefully, if I slap the patches on as soon as I get them, I can extend the lifetime of the shoe towards something more like other shoes I have used.

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