How do I stop receiving Bicycling Magazine?

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A few years ago I briefly subscribed to Bicycling Magazine. I don't think I paid for it; it was some sort of freebie from my credit card company or something like that. Anyway, I quickly came to the conclusion that it's primary purpose was to induce me to shell out for new gear and declined to renew my subscription. Despite that I continue to receive copies on semi-regular basis, complete with the requisite occasional threats about how if I don't pay up I'll stop getting them. Empty threats, apparently, since it's been years now. This makes me wonder, exactly what do I have to do to stop getting the magazine? I realize that the business of magazine publication is primarily advertisement, but don't the advertisers want any evidence at all that people actually subscribe voluntarily?


I get a lot of stuff that I never subscribed too and have no way to stop (see Yellow Pages). I just have a box that this mail gets dumped into and gets put on the curb on recycling day.

(Bicycling Magazine is one of the mags I would pick up when I'm in an airport - its all fluff which I need when I am on a plane)

Same deal with the Newsweek rag

We have had good luck with Catalog Choice ( Its a free service and has emptied our mailbox of unwanted mail.

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