Spam me as much as you like, I still won't (can't) vote for you

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This afternoon Congressman apprarently John Fleming (R-LA) decided he really wanted to update me on what he was doing for his constituents, so he sent me 25 copies of the same email:
I am honored to serve you as the new representative of the 4th Congressional District. My first priority is to stay in touch with everyone I represent, including understanding your interests and concerns and keeping you up to date on news and proposed legislation affecting you. As part of my effort to meet that goal, I will be periodically sending e-newsletters.

I invite you to contact me, anytime, with your opinions and ideas, as your feedback is invaluable to help me do the best job I can as your representative.

It has been a busy start to the 111th Congress and the economy remains my top priority. I hear from Northwest Louisiana residents every day who are asking for Congress to help stabilize the economy, but not to increase the burden for our families. I hear you and I agree. That is the reason I voted no on the Economic Stimulus Bill (H.R. 1) filed by the Speaker Pelosi led majority in the House.


Blah blah blah.

It's actually a little hard to tell if this is authentic: it looks to be a real newsletter, but I don't see any link off his main site at, and the site that's hosting the newsletter is different. Whois reveals that the domain is owned by this dude:

Name:		Gregory    Hildebrand
Address:	12121 Wilshire Blve
		Los Angeles, Ca  90025

Email Address:
Phone Number:	(310)696-2250

But leads to a Coldfusion stack trace. So, this could be someone trying to make Fleming look bad, but per Hanlon's razor, I suspect that it's just super-incompetent political marketing.


You mean after all that research into voting machine vulnerabilities, you *still* can't figure out a way to cast a vote for this guy?

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