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OK, so everyone knows about Lolcats, but have you seen Rolcats:

The caption on this is "Cease your protests, the deal is done! You are to make a fine wife for uncouth American businessman!"

I don't speak Russian so I don't know for sure what the story is. My sources tell me that these are genuine Russian lolcats, but that the translations are totally bogus and that the sense of humor is generally different.


The Russian says, "We didn't mail-order cats! Get in the box, we're sending you back insured! (Upload your cat-matrix to"

I don't know why or whether that would be funny to Russians.

The original site has a photo of a blood-engorged mosquito with the caption, "Don't kill mosquitos! Your blood runs in their veins!" (In English that's biologically inaccurate, but the Russian idiom doesn't mention veins outright, a more literal translation is "your blood is in them," still with the implication of consanguinity.)

Russians probably would not find the Soviet-era allusions on the site amusing at all. Imagine taking the stereotype of Americans as cheeseburger-guzzling idiots, taking a random photo of a cat from a Russian cat-food advertisement, giving it a caption that misspelled "I want a cheeseburger now," and calling it an "American cat-matrix." Americans would be unamused, no?

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