Now your five year old can buy GTA

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The Ninth Circuit has enjoined California's law banning the sale of video games to minors. [ruling] . Maybe I'm just cynical, but arguably this is a good outcome for the authors of the law. After all, if it's upheld, it becomes a political non-issue, since there's not a lot of constituency for allowing children to buy violent video games. On the other hand, if it's struck down they get to run against the activist courts, pass revised versions of the law which will get struck down, etc. (Cf. the communications decency act, flag burning, etc.)


Well, not all politicians are dedicated to whipping up populist anger, conflict, extremism and polarization for political gain. Some are genuinely interested in creating a government that pleases their constituents. Needless to say, judicial emasculation of the latter provides lots of competitive advantage--not to mention highly combustible emotional fuel--for the former.

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