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This is an interesting development. The California SoS posts a list of donors to various political campaigns, but it's pretty un-user friendly. Someone has done a mashup with Google Maps so you can see everyone in your area who donated to Proposition Eight. Obviously, this is trivially extensible to any arbitrary political issue; it's just that Prop 8 has generated a huge amount of heat in a relatively tech savvy community. I wonder how long it is before a site like this is up for every issue or, perhaps more interestingly, before you can profile every donation for everyone who lives near you. For all I know you can do it now.


Its not an interesting development. Its actually disturbing. Personally as a gay man I am more ticked off at the 'gay rights' groups in California than I am at anybody that gave money to support Prop 8. Nobody should be fired from a job because of their political beliefs or what they donated to.

This has been subject to some debate on the political side of the internets. In my mind, the disclosure limit (set at $100 in about 1973) is a bit too low right now... however, even then, this is what disclosure of campaign finance records gets you. It's also interesting how one-sided it is... that is, there's no 8maps for people who donated to opposition groups. That would put things in perspective a bit.

Fundrace (acquired by HuffPo) has been doing this for the last couple presidential election cycles. I surprise myself with how many people I've looked up there before meeting with them. Not as a filter, but as background information.

@joe: $100 is the limit for mandatory disclosure? That would explain why I found a number of $99 donations. Of course, it also raises the question of why I found *any* $99 donations.

But, to my point: the data is all out there for anyone who has the time to do an equivalent mash-up for anti-8 donations as well. All you're seeing is that the one dude who gave enough of a crap to put an application together probably had an agenda. Imagine that -- someone having an agenda regarding a highly-charged political issue. Whodathunk?

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