Heads-up on Gmail and Safari

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This morning my copy of Safari stopped working with Gmail. Apparently I'm not the only one; it appears to be some kind of bug in 10.5.6, though reading the threads doesn't give that clear a picture of what the actual problem is. I see a lot of different explanations and a number of different reported workarounds: some people report Firefox works and some that it doesn't. Odd. Anyway, at least if you see this you know you're not going nuts.

Thanks to Hovav Shacham for pointing me at the relevant threads.


The big story here is that ekr uses safari.

It's working for me ok, though I'm using Google Apps email, which should be the same but may have some slight difference.

Mostly I use Firefox, simply for the NoScript plugin. I don't know how I used a browser prior to NoScript.

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