First look: Xlerator hand dryer

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After my experience with the Dyson Handchopper, I was interested to check out some of the other 2nd generation hand dryers. This weekend I was in the Irish Bank at SF and noticed that they have Excel Dryer's Xlerator dryer:

I'm glad to report that while no more effective than the Dyson it's about 82% less scary and doesn't seem to have the problem of recontaminating your freshly washed hands as you attempt to dry them—try not to think about the other surfaces in your average San Francisco bar; at least people drying their hands probably made some attempt to wash them, which is more than you can say for the table you're sitting at. [*]


Have you tried the Mitsubishi JetTowel (

Next time you're in Berkeley, visit the men's room of the Berkeley Bowl supermarket (Oregon at Shattuck and Adeline).

It's quite effective.

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