Brad DeLong sees a coyote

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Brad DeLong reports his own coyote sighting. This isn't much of a picture but it's better than anything I have from my recent Rancho sighting.

For some reason I see dramatically more wildlife running through local parks and open space areas (at Rancho alone: tons of deer, turkeys, several bobcats, and a coyote) than I've ever seen on a backpacking trip even though backpacking trips are far more remote and I've spent plenty of time in bear country. I don't have a good explanation for this. Is it because of the high population density—the animals get used to people and so unafraid so I see them more?


I second that.

I saw two coyotes (simultaneously) 2 blocks from my house in a Chicago suburb where an acre of trees would be considered notable. And despite a few backcountry trips in "bear country" I saw diddly, bear-wise. The exception is in Shenandoah national park, where I saw 10 (!) black bears in one day, the first not 200 yards from the trailhead parking lot, and I was probably never more than 1.5 miles (if that) from a road.

On the coyote thing, there are zillions of rabbits around here. I can see a coyote being drawn to the plentiful food.

Of course, Chicago itself had a cougar running around for a while, until the local constabulary took care of the problem with a few bullets.

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