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Just skimmed Wired's predictably wacky Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008 (Flash Memory? The Speedo Freaking LZR? I mean, it's cool but it will affect like what, thousands of people worldwide?) and came across the following at #2:
But the G1 scores with its operating system. It runs Android, the free mobile operating system from Google. It's the first mobile OS to make its debut in years and the G1 is just the first of what will be many phones that use it. With its open source base, growing developer community and dozens of cellphone manufacturers pledging to make Android phones, Android has the potential to reshape the wireless industry in significant ways.

And by "in years" we mean "since June 2007 when the iPhone was released".


The list was sad on a number of fronts. But - yea Android hasn't really changed anything. You have dozens of cellphone manufacturers "pledged" to it but only one release (and a mediocre release it was). And "growing developer" community? Not really - most are developing for the iPhone because that is where the money is. Wired is just blinded by Android being an "open" platform while again ignoring the practical and commercial realities.

(wired should of really wrote on how we have real competition in the mobile space again)

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