Random end of year griping

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  • My insurance company (State Farm) bills home insurance on a yearly basis but car insurance on a bi-yearly basis. They actually tell me that they can't bill on a yearly basis. I asked what would happen if I were to send in the whole year's payment "I'd have to research that. We'd probably give you a refund."
  • HFS+ is case preserving but case insensitive. What the heck?
  • The Roku is great, except that in the logical conclusion of modern A/V gear, it's 100% useless without the remote, just a flat plastic console. Outstanding!


Ñïàñèáî, èíòåðåñíî=)

Actually, you can set HFS+ to be case sensitive if you want, but lots of things break.

Case-sensitive but case-preserving might be the best of both worlds, especially when dealing with a mix of novice and expert computer users.

Novices don't understand the difference between "Users" and "users", so we let them type either. And experts can rely on the fact that an application will sort A-Z before a-z.

The use case that it breaks is if the expert wants "Mail" and "mail" to be distinct, but that's pretty rare.

Regarding HFS+ - it is the same with NTFS :-). IMHO it's not good or bad, its just a design choice like endianness.

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