Sex Cave?

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Tech lawyer Jennifer Granick's 2008 Election slate card is up. I'm a little puzzled by her argument against Prop 6:
PROPOSITION 6: Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws: No
Shall of minimum of $965,000,000 of state funding be required each year for police and local law enforcement?

This proposition and Prop 9 are put on the ballot to (1) build more prisons and (2) send more people there. Incarceration is expensive and wasteful. Plus, here's what the Bay Guardian says about the main proponent of Props 6 and 9:

One man is largely responsible for both the misguided "tough on crime" propositions on this year's ballot: billionaire Broadcom Corp. cofounder Henry Nicholas, who has poured millions into the two campaigns. But a funny thing happened to Nicholas on the way to becoming California's poster boy for law and order. In June, he was indicted on numerous counts of securities fraud and drug violations (including spiking the drinks of technology executives with ecstasy and operating a "sex cave" staffed with prostitutes under his house).

Sex cave.

Isn't this an argument for prop 6? I guess not if you're not invited to the sex cave? Actually, WTF is a "sex cave"?


Isn't it where Sexman parks his Sexmobile?

هاى انا رسول الحب

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