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Put in your Etymotics (what? you don't have Etymotics? Get some), put on Peter Gabriel's Here Comes The Flood, close your eyes, and listen. Your ears will thank me.


Been there, done that. I like the version on Fripp's "Exposure" album, but that's just me.

I have somehow killed two sets of ER-6s. Symptoms consistent with a failed strain relief in both cases (loss of one channel, faint staticky bleed-through audible). In the first case, I blame a subpar strain relief. The second set of 'phones, however, featured a redesigned, beefier, 90 degree strain relief. Have you (or have other EG readers) had strain relief reliability issues with Etymotics? Trying to rule out an ID10T error here...

Yes, I destroyed at least two ER-6s, and one looked to me like
a strain relief issue--the other I rolled a chair over. I opened them
up to see if I could fix them, but it was that annoying lacquer-insulated
stranded wire that I find really hard to work on.
The HF2s have much better looking strain relief

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