Man, the new iPhone purchasing system sucks

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Mrs. G has been bugging me for weeks to get her an iPhone, so I checked out the Apple prepurchasing process. What a lose! One of the great things about the old iPhone was that you just bought the box and could activate it from home. Unfortunately, that was just too easy, so now you can do the initial steps at home but then you need to go into the store to show them your credit card, ID, etc. and pick up the phone. This is dramatically less convenient, especially because you don't get a complete rundown on your order from home—which makes life irritating for Mrs. G when she heads over to Apple. Also, they let you make an appointment but since you haven't selected your phone model, there's no guarantee that it will be in stock when you get there.

The rationale for the new policy has never been entirely clear to me, but my impression is that it was intended to stop you from buying the phone and then jailbreaking it without ever signing a contract with AT&T. Still, it's not clear to me why. Couldn't they just charge you one price for an unactivated (though still SIM-locked) phone ($400 is the nominal price + the early termination fee) and then a rebate when you sign up for an AT&T account? This would have much the same security properties, but be a lot more convenient for the user.


there's no guarantee that it will be in stock when you get there

Just an idea - call the store and ask if they have it in stock. Also - in both scenarios you have to go to the store -anyways- to get the phone so I don't understand your point about convenience...

(lastly how often are you going to buy a phone? Are you sitting in line every month buying a new phone and have to go through this process? No you aren't. Get some perspective ... there are more serious things to get ticked off about)

No. In this scenario, Mrs. G has to go to the store because it's her phone. In the former
scenario, I could have gone to the store for her. Actually, I could have had the thing
shipped to my house.

I agree that this is a minor annoyance, and I wouldn't complain about it if Apple hadn't
deliberately imposed an inferior process on me to accomodate AT&T.

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