Don't tase me, Dad!

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I'm not taking any position on the Sarah Palin "Troopergate", incident but I was intrigued by the story that Trooper Mike Wooten used a Taser on his stepson:
Payton advised that a year ago Mike Wooten had tased him. After future questioning, Payton stated that he was in the living room, when Mike was showing him and his cousin, Bristol his equipment. He stated that Mike asked him if he wanted to try it (the Taser) and he agreed. Payton then explained that Mike shot the Taser into the box inside the garage. He then taped a probe to his upper left sleeve and another on his right thigh. Mike then had him kneel on the floor.

Payton stated that the first time he pulled the trigger nothing happened because the probe on his sleeved didn't make contact. The second time he doesn't remember what happened but he knows that the tightened up. Payton was asked if it hurt him and he first said that it didn't hurt and then yes it hurt. Payton then advised that he tightened up and it hurt for only a second and was over. Payton related that the had a welt on his arm where the probe was taped.

Payton advised that Bristol Palin watched the event take place, and that she made it known that she didn't want him to be tased. Payton stated that Bristol was scared for him, and that she was [al?]most in tears. Payton related that his mother was aware that he was going to be tased and that [s?]he was upstairs with the children. Payton advised that his mother was yelling not to do it. Payton stated that he wanted to be tased to show that he's not a mommy's boy in front of Bristol. Following being tased he went upstairs to tell his mother that he was fine.

Wooten tells a version of the story in which Payton was a lot more eager to try out the taser, but even Bristol's somewhat more negative version has Payton volunteering to be tased.

Obviously, it's arguable that no matter how willing your kid is, you shouldn't be tasing them, seeing as it's not entirely safe. On the other hand, I tend to think your average 11-year old kid would think that a father who would let him try his Taser was pretty much the coolest dad ever.

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