The utilitarian vampire

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As I mentioned earlier, Netflix Instant Viewing (and hence the Roku) is pretty heavy on the cheezy 80s TV shows. Mrs. EG and I have been catching up on Forever Knight, the existential tale of a vampire living in Toronto, trying to become human, and making up for his sins by posing as a Canadian cop named Nick Knight (though not that polite, so you can tell he's not really Canadian). Anyway, in the Forever Knightiverse, it seems you can get along OK by drinking cow's blood, so we're back to the situation I alluded to in an earlier post, vampirism as an immortality treatment with some annoying side effects. Given that, it occurs that Mr. Knight would do a lot more good for people by starting a cow blood production operation and saving the lives of the terminally ill by turning them into vampires. Just saying.

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