UPS store != UPS

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Went by the UPS store to mail something today. I had a prepaid shipping label so it was just a matter of slapping a pouch on the box and shoving in the label and dropping it off. Turns out they don't actually have pouches and they usually charge you a dollar to tape it on, though the clerk waived the fee. According to her "We're not UPS, though a lot of people think so." I can't imagine why anyone would think "The UPS Store" was UPS. As I understand the situation, The UPS Store is the new name for Mail Boxes etc., and they're franchised, which, I guess, is why they want to sell you supplies rather than give them to you for free like FedEx (and as I recall regular UPS locations) do.


The UPS Store "brand" is UPS which makes the UPS Store UPS for all purposes regardless what the clerk says. However, UPS has screwed up the business model of the old MBE chain so much that many stores are struggling to make a buck and open hostilities have erupted. My father, in his retirement, works for one part time.

Over 220 UPS Store franchisee owners are in a major lawsuit with UPS over the broken business model.

Do not forget the other 220 MBE that are also in a major lawsuit. That makes 3 seperate individual group litigations and add on the other individualaly private lawsuits and now you have 500 plus. We also do not want to for get the class action lawsuit that was reinstated on behalf of all the UPS STORES past and present.This franchise is so bad that families have been ruined along with retiremments, college funds, life insurance policies etc. The majority of the franchise is unprofitable and i mean well over 51% of the network. This may be the worst franchise in american history because of the greed of UPS.

It is very important for all to know that the owner of each "The UPS Store" is not UPS, but a independant small busimess owner. The business owner recieves no financial support from UPS to operate The UPS Store. As such all funds to support the operation of the Business Owner's store comes for the the sale of goods and services or from funds from the owner's personal life savings. The prepaid label senario is partitularly frustrating for the business owner, because the preparer of the label paid UPS directly, and when it is dropped off at a "NON-UPS Facility", such as a The UPS Store, this "UPS" customer expects the business owner to give away his products, materials, and services. No other franchise operations works like this.

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