Gimme more tortillas

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Can someone explain to me why, whenever you go to a Mexican restaurant they short you on tortillas? I doubt it's cost because tortillas are incredibly cheap (less than $.04/ea retail for your standard corn tortilla), and these self-same places will gladly provide you with a mountain of tortilla chips whether you ask for them or And yet time after time I find myself sitting at my table waiting for some server to notice that I was out of tortillas and bring me some more so I can assemble my fajitas. I suppose it's possible that I use more tortillas than average, but really, who can assemble a whole plate of fajitas with 3 tortilla? Baffling.


Easy, because then the server gets to solve your problem. Inevitably this means a bigger tip some of the time.

Perhaps cause they want to supply you with warm, recently steamed, pliable tortillas, as opposed to a big stack where the last tortillas will be cold and not suitably bendable for proper fajita construction.

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