Aren't lots of Jelly Bellys already disgusting?

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Jelly Belly has just brought out their BeanBoozled product:
BeanBoozled jelly beans come in 20 flavors, 10 weird and wild flavors matched up with 10 look-alike tasty flavors. Is the black jelly bean Licorice, or is it Skunk Spray? Perhaps the blue bean is Toothpaste flavor, or maybe it's delicious Berry Blue. Think you can tell them apart? We dare you!

You might not know when you will be bamboozled by a weird flavor. A key on the back of each box gives clues to the surprises found inside, but the beans look so similar, every bite will be a surprising dare.

I actually already have this problem with Jelly Belly bulk packs. Mrs. Guesswork buys these ginormous tubs of mixed jelly beans at Costco and I already find a pretty substantial fraction of the beans (cafe latte, cappuccino, a&w cream soda, licorice, ...) revolting, and they look a lot like other flavors that I like, so I have to be on my guard anyway.

On a related topic, why when you go to Costco do they insist on selling you mixed packs of cliff bars, power bars, etc. Are there really people who like vanilla crisp power bars, or is this just some scheme to get you to throw away 1/3 of the bars so you buy more that much sooner?"


Yeah, I just got a little mixed pack of Jelly Belly beans with my Tour de Georgia ticket. I think I'll take a pass on eating them though.

Yes, it's a scheme. Nobody eats the awful Vanilla. I quit eating Power Bars though and have moved on to Hammer Bars; I find them to be a much better product.

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